Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay is among the so many types of essay topics in which you will be required to disagree and take a stand. There are three requirements for this type of essay paper. First, you will need to discover something on which you will have to develop a clear position or your point of view; you will need to assemble evidence in support of your pint of view and you will need to take a stand.

An academic essay based on argument will require a topic that should be on an issue of controversy that is not only interesting to you, but to your readers. You can get a list of such topics over the media. Examples will include topic such as death penalty or abortion. These are topic in which there is real debate. Also make sure that you understand everything about the topic and there is a possibility of you taking a stand on this topic.

Structure your paper using an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Make sure that your essay has a thesis statement in which your position is stated. Remember that you will need evidence to support your arguments and anything that makes obvious the soundness of your position will do. Your evidence should be facts gotten from what you can recall; what you have experienced; what you can imagine; where others can tell you and what you have read from others sources. Remember that all these sources are good but good college composition assistance should include expert evidence or firsthand observation. The conclusion of your paper should in itself generate so much debate.

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